Two Week Course at Mountain Meadows, Ashland Oregon

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Two Week Course at Mountain Meadows, Ashland Oregon

from 350.00

A course of 10 private lessons, 4 lectures/group classes and informal afternoon gatherings. Led by Rebecca Robbins, Director of the Oregon Center for the Alexander Technique.  Due to the amount of personal attention in this course openings are limited.  Please sign up early.

Fee:  $400.00 for the general public.  A discount of $50.00 is offered to residents of Mountain Meadows. (You will never find this quality of instruction for so little.)

Mountain meadows resident:


at Mountain Meadows in Ashland, Oregon  

August 5th through August 17th

The Alexander Technique is more than some good ideas about how things might be better for you; it’s an actual practice.

It is learned from being manually guided by a rigorously trained teacher.  This two week session is your opportunity to start learning real skills. Participants of the two week program will gain a basic level of competence.  Possible benefits include greater poise, reduced neck and back discomfort, improved ease of movement, relief from some Parkinson’s-related symptoms, better impulse control and planning abilities.


  • A free introductory session to kick off the program

  • 10 private half-hour lessons with Rebecca Robbins, Director of the Oregon Center for the Alexander Technique, and other teaching faculty.

  • 4 - 45 minute lecture/classes which will cover:

    - The history of the Alexander Technique

- The Alexander Technique and Unity of Self

- Scientific research on the Alexander Technique

-A closing wrap-up and question and answer session

  • Informal afternoon group sessions that use the participants new skills

The program leader,  Rebecca Robbins, has nearly 40 years of experience with the Alexander Technique.   She directs the only teacher training program in the Pacific Northwest that is recognized by STAT and AmSAT.  She has been involved with research on benefits gained by back pain sufferers from having Alexander Technique lessons at OHSU Neurological Sciences Institute.  (She also loves Ashland, attended Southern Oregon College and danced in the OSF Greenshow for three seasons.)

$400.00 per person.  A $50.00 discount available for Mountain Meadows residents.

Private lesson to be scheduled daily for both weeks.  Times to be arranged: Monday through Friday mornings from 8:30 to 11:30, or afternoons 1 to 3:30.  All informal gatherings and Lecture/group classes at 4pm. Locations TBA.

For more information and to sign up go to: or call Rebecca Robbins at 503-821-9310.

At Mountain Meadows contact Mary Devlin.