Good use

In an Alexander Technique lesson we use everyday activities to "diagnose" our USE of ourself.  By USE we mean, first and foremost, one's manner of reaction.  How automated are our reactions to stimuli?  Would we benefit from improving our inhibitory function?  There is no need to engage in a psychological investigation, which your Alexander Technique teacher is unlikely to be qualified for, but rather we can look at something as mundane (seemingly) as getting in and out of a chair.  By bringing under conscious control an action that has become highly automated, we can build a foundation for the control of reaction in general. This action also affords the opportunity to observe whether a particular muscular pattern, highly associated with stress, is present.  If so, the same activity gives plenty of opportunity to work on our USE.  When our reactions come under more conscious control AND we are further able to inhibit the specific muscular activities associated with stress, many benefits may be gained.


To gain control in one act, or a small number of acts, serves to provide the knowledge, skill and understanding to increase control in any act, however we might characterize it.  We are not taught in Alexander Technique lessons how to move or how to hold ourselves, as in our usual idea of 'posture," but to manage ourselves in the experience of living with more control and ease.  Many pupils find lessons provide them with more impulse control, greater ease in activities, relief or easing of pain and better planning abilities.  Add a growing ability to experience new and unknown situations and perhaps even begin to seek them out, and one may gain a refreshed experience in life altogether!

Lesson details

 Please contact us to discuss lessons and times available.

Lesson times are booked in the afternoon, Tuesday through Friday, in SW Portland, or Monday in Carlton, Or.

Lessons are 45 minutes and cost $60.00 

I ask that you book two lessons as an introduction.  This should enable you to decide whether more lessons might be useful.  Then, very much as you might take up instruction in learning a musical instrument (we are very much our own instrument.....), you book a six week block of lessons and pay for them at one time.  There is no refund for missed lessons, though I will try to re-book during the block of lessons.  OCAT lesson blocks run 6 weeks at a time.  Please refer to the calendar on the home page.  Students may start any time there is an opening.  Please call 503-821-9310 to book lessons.